S ince WTH’s earliest days, we have gone to great lengths to discover the unknown, immerse ourselves in extraordinary places, encounter new cultures, and investigate nature firsthand. We strive to create authentic and meaningful travel experiences that bring you to wonders both hidden and celebrated around Himalayas . For us, travel is about experience – true experience; becoming one with the place and its people. An experience of culture, cuisine, history, people, natural beauty and change

Travel that’s tailored to your interest

Whether you’re a budding photographer, a natural history enthusiast, a parent looking for a great family trip, or a traveler seeking an active adventure, you’ll find an array of opportunities that fit your passions.

Explore the world in comfort and style

Whether you’re holidaying in 100-year-old resort or on a spiritual quest or trekking at 12000 feet above sea level, our accommodations is carefully selected for their exceptional quality, location and character.

We’ll take care of the details

Leave the legwork to us. We take care of the logistics and details so you can relax, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the places you are exploring. The details of customisations are what make us unique. Be it taking you on late night jungle drives to share the shrills and thrills we experienced or suggesting a local pundits in the 7th century ancient temples.

Travel in good company

One of the best parts of travel is who you meet along the journey. With a WTH Bhutan trip, you have a head start because it’s more like-minded friends designing your travel plans. You are traveling with fellow WTH Bhutan members who more than likely share your values and your passion to explore the world around you.

Experience a place like we experience – Don’t Just Visit

With our roots are in the Himalayas, we live in the same place, among the same people and therefore we are able to take you in the midst of their profound culture. On our trips, you might stay in an eco-lodge high in the Himalayas, or wake to the cacophony of birds with the aroma of your morning coffee or watch the sun set as you savor a delicious spread of local specialties and wines or a lunch spread by the river bed. We have our quest for exploring unmapped, uncharted places and that’s what you get to explore with us. We visit the places, stay in the hotels, before we recommend it to you. The photographs that you see are ours which narrates our memories, experience and our exploration.Join us, away from the beaten path and you’ll discover the unexpected. There’s a world of truth and beauty waiting out there that’s not found in any guidebook.

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